How To Root Android Mobile

How To Root Android Mobile: Rooting android mobile is very easy. You all might be aware of rooting but most of the people don’t know how to root an android mobile.So here, we will let you know the process of rooting and much more information regarding rooting.

How To Root Android Mobile Easily:

Rooting is a process of jailbreaking for androids which allow you to go deeper into the operating system of your android device.This is really interesting, but in some cases, it might affect your mobile in the means of warranty and malware attack. Some mobiles can be rooted easily without taking much time but other devices can be rooted slowly. With rooting, you can enter into the operating system as well as you can make the changes according to your requirement. You can customize your phone and with this root access, you can break the restrictions of the system that are applied by the manufacturer. Replacing firmware, under the clock, overclock the processor and running the different applications can be performed with the rooting.This process is required to backup the current software and flashes a new custom ROM.


How To Root Android Mobile

You can avail the extra features with the help of rooting and you can accept or deny permissions manually. You can remove the bloatware that is killing the memory with the rooting which is can’t be uninstalled in general.These are the main advantages attracting so many android users to root their devices. You can install some special applications on your mobile, block the unwanted advertisements and make the device as a wireless hotspot.Until now, we have discussed the advantages of the rooting let us also discuss some demerits of the rooting.The first thing is regarding warranty when you root the device your mobile might loose warranty. If you want to take it to the service center for repair you need to unroot the device, otherwise, you will be charged.Rooting may cause security vulnerability¬†where some services couldn’t work properly such as google.Your device operating system may get some problems with the rooting which is to be recovered only with unrooting or repair. to download framaroot apk for android go through this link

Before rooting your mobile you must check for the compatibility of your mobile whether it supports rooting or not by doing a small research.You need to backup the important data initially and flash the current ROM after backup.Make sure that your mobile is fully charged before and turn on OEM unlocking, USB debugging before rooting. If you don’t find developer options on the screen just follow these simple steps to activate them.

How To Root Android Mobile

How To Root Android Mobile

step by step procedure of rooting mobile:

  1. Go to about phone and note down the build number.
  2. Just tap on the build number fro seven times, then you will find developer option on the screen of settings option.
  3. By tapping the back key you can now find the developer options.
  4. Choose the developer options.
  5. Enable USB debugging and OEM unlocking.

You all might be knowing about boot loader program which determines the applications that are run in the startup process of mobile and allows you to customize your mobile. You must unlock the bootloader before starting the rooting process and some manufacturers may not permit you to unlock the bootloader, so you need to find an alternative way by searching. Kingoroot is one of the best rooting techniques which can be used on the computer and android mobile using the application.Check whether your mobile is compatible with Kingoroot application and download the app and install it on your phone. Enable the USB debugging option, run the application on the computer and with the help of USB cable connect your android device to the PC. After detecting the device it will ask you to select root option, taking some time the rooting will be completed.


Finally, we can say that the rooting has both the advantages and disadvantages in an equal manner.Still, if you want to be a super user then rooting your mobile is recommended whereas you need to take care of some things before starting the rooting process. We hope you all like this article, give your feedback and leave your comments about this tutorial, soon we will get back to you.

Updated: February 26, 2017 — 10:04 am

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